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Cardinal Infrastructure, LLC is comprised of highly skilled former transportation officials and industry leaders with combined experience of over 75 years managing and executing complex infrastructure programs. We have the experience, knowledge and judgment required to master the dynamic conditions of today’s business and infrastructure capital planning climate. We advise and counsel clients on a spectrum of vital services – from initial and advanced policy and planning considerations, to regulatory compliance, financing, risk assessment, contracting, and procurement for infrastructure systems nationwide. Our partners have a proven record of successfully navigating the statutory, regulatory, funding and asset management maze to assist infrastructure clients.


Navigating Federal Processes

Having accumulated broad and deep experience in private industry, at the Federal Transit Administration, respectively, in the US Senate, and working with state and local leaders nationwide, including WMATA leadership, Sherry E. (Little) Lloyd, Anja Graves and Severn Miller have well-known abilities to pilot a team through the complex process of acquiring, accessing, and delivering resources under the rigorous and at times overlapping frameworks designed by the US Congress, federal regulatory agencies, and others. As a former Chief Counsel of the FTA, Mr. Miller has proven capabilities to ensure legal compliance and to identify and resolve potential contractual issues.

Issues and Risk Management

Strong emphasis on identifying and avoiding disputes among all interested parties – state, local and federal entities, and those providing engineering, construction and financing – and on quickly resolving issues in order to move projects forward intelligently, efficiently and effectively, thus avoiding negative impact to milestones.

Innovative Contracting Solutions

Proven abilities to manage standard and innovative contracting methods and to promote alternate contracting methods and solutions, including public-private partnership solutions. Manage and coordinate project prioritization and implementation strategies for ease of compliance, oversight and execution.

Relationship Management

Skilled at guiding positive interagency coordination and public perceptions, enhancing positive relationships among state, local and federal partners, and fostering trust between government and citizens, contractors and neighbors, through identifying potential issues early and educating affected entities.

We simply cannot allow this magnificent system to deteriorate beyond repair. The time has come to preserve what past Americans spent so much time and effort to create, and that means a nationwide conservation effort in the best sense of the word. America can't afford throwaway roads or disposable transit systems.

- President Ronald Reagan -

For an economy built to last we must invest in what will fuel us for generations to come. This is our history - from the Transcontinental Railroad to the Hoover Dam, to the dredging of our ports and building of our most historic bridges - our American ancestors prioritized growth and investment in our nation's infrastructure.

- Senator Cory Booker -

Our Firm

Cardinal Infrastructure has decades of experience in helping our clients navigate the complex regulations and procedures of the Federal Government, in order to realize the opportunities and successful infrastructure solutions that Washington can provide.

Meet Cardinal Infrastructure

  • Ms. Anja Graves
    Photo Credit: Jessica M. Lloyd

    Anja Graves

    Anja Graves is Co-founder and Partner of Cardinal Infrastructure, LLC. For over 20 years, Anja has helped local governments and transportation agencies develop and achieve project and policy goals. She works closely with House and Senate offices, congressional committees, Federal agencies and key stakeholders to advance client priorities. Anja helps secure funding, draft legislation, affect regulation and advocates for clients in the areas of transportation and infrastructure, the environment, water and lands issues, housing, economic and community development, homeland security, disaster recovery, technology, and public safety. Prior to starting Cardinal Infrastructure, Anja was president for over ten years of CHG & Associates a lobbying firm founded by her father Charles H. Graves, which specialized in representing state and local governments at the Federal level. Previously, she worked as an expert advisor at the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, working closely with former Secretaries Andrew Cuomo and Mel Martinez. In addition, Anja worked as a planner for the City of San Jose, CA as well as an environmental planner working for the Silicon Valley Manufacturing Group in California. Anja holds a BA from the University of California and a Masters in Urban Planning from New York University. Anja is an active member and has served on the board of the Women in Transportation Seminar, DC Chapter. Anja and her husband, Marco, live in Falls Church, Virginia and are the proud parents of two wonderful Colombianos, Marianna and Jose, and a French Bulldog, Iggy Pup.

  • Mr. Severn Miller
    Photo Credit: Jessica M. Lloyd

    Sev Miller

    Sev Miller is Co-founder, Partner and Counsel of Cardinal Infrastructure, LLC, an infrastructure development and management firm located in Washington, DC. The organization is dedicated to developing and managing a full range of domestic and international infrastructure projects on behalf of both public and private sector clients. Sev is a former Chief Counsel of the Federal Transportation Administration, where he directed all aspects of FTA's legal activities and supported all aspects of daily operations of the complex 530-person federal agency, including all responsibility for rulemaking and enforcement, assisting the Administrator in analyzing and approving grants for proposed transit projects, ensuring compliance with all procurement, labor and environmental requirements, participating in all significant personnel decisions within the agency, guiding and monitoring safety and security initiatives, and cultivating innovative financing and public-private partnerships. He managed FTA’s legal staff of 25 attorneys in ten offices nationwide, including guiding litigation nationwide, coordinating strategies among the agency’s Regional offices, and responding immediately to sensitive local transit issues. During his time at FTA, Sev was deeply involved with issues that are critical to developing, building and maintaining public infrastructure projects nationwide. He led efforts to update Federal regulations and guidance, including Buy America and the Charter Rule, and helped to guide important FTA initiatives such as emphasizing safety and state-of-good-repair, developing public-private partnerships, and continuing efforts to streamline and improve the FTA New Starts and Small Starts capital program. Sev also accomplished goals of critical interest and importance to the Secretary, Administrator and Deputy Administrator, and acted on behalf of the Administrator and Deputy Administrator in their absence. Sev represented the Federal government as the featured speaker at opening events for significant projects and at other events; briefed Congressional staff, state and local officials, and officials in other federal agencies regarding FTA projects and programs; and represented the FTA on the Department of Transportation Credit Council. As Counsel at Cardinal Infrastructure, Sev currently advises both public and private entities with regard to a wide range of the policy, legal and practical issues that arise in the course of planning, designing, funding, building, operating and maintaining public infrastructure projects and systems. Sev and his wife, Martha, live in Baltimore. They are proud of their son, who is in college in Pennsylvania, and of their twin daughters, who are in high school. Sev graduated from Brown University and from the Washington & Lee University School of Law, where he received honors including cum laude, appointment as a Burks Scholar, and admission to Omicron Delta Kappa. Sev has delusions that he will some day return to sailing, but does not have the time. In the meantime, he and Martha volunteer at their church, and he hunts with his son and daughters.

  • Ms. Sherry E. (Little) Lloyd
    Photo Credit: Jessica M. Lloyd

    Sherry E. (Little) Lloyd

    Sherry E. (Little) Lloyd is Co-founder and Partner of Cardinal infrastructure, LLC located in Washington, DC. The firm is dedicated to developing funding and financing strategies and advising executives, CEOs and elected and appointed board members on statutory and regulatory compliance with complex federal laws. Her clients range of multi-billion dollar public entities charged with planning, constructing and managing infrastructure projects, private sector clients engaged in construction and operation, as well as private equity firms looking to invest and understand the domestic infrastructure finance markets. Her specific area of expertise in public-private partnerships makes her a frequent speaker on the domestic P3 market in the US, India, Africa, and EU countries. A former Deputy and Acting Administrator of the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) at the United States Department of Transportation, Sherry served under President Bush, managing a budget of more than $10 billion annually, overseeing more than $30 billion in transit construction, and managing the day–to-day operations of a staff of more than 1,000 employees and contractors. She received the Secretary of Transportation’s highest recognition: the Gold Medal Award for her efforts to advance public-private partnerships, reduce congestion, and employ innovative multimodal strategies. The Women’s Transportation Seminar awarded Sherry and her leadership team at FTA “Employer of the Year.” The Community Transportation Association awarded her the prestigious George Rucker Memorial Award, for her contribution to the “spirit, vision and innovation in legislative and research work” on behalf of transportation projects nationwide. She was heralded by Mass Transit Magazine’s esteemed “Top 40 Under 40” Award for contributions in the infrastructure field. During her 15-year career in the United States Senate, primarily with the US Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs, she authored the Nation’s public transportation and planning laws, called Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Transportation Equity Act (“SAFETEA”) which provided $53 billion in resources for transportation projects nationwide. More recently, she was elected by a team of General Managers from across the United States to be Chairman of the TOPS Committee for the Transportation Research Board. Sherry graduated magna cum laude from the University of Southern Mississippi and holds a Master’s Degree in political science / social policy from American University in Washington, DC. She is married to Robert Lloyd, is an avid animal lover with an off-track Thoroughbred racehorse and two Boykin spaniels. She loves to read, eat and travel. Sherry and Robert recently welcomed a new baby boy, Grayson, to their family

  • Mr. Richard Bacigalupo
    Photo Credit: Jessica M. Lloyd

    Richard Bacigalupo

    Richard Bacigalupo is a Partner of Cardinal Infrastructure, LLC, an infrastructure development and management consulting firm located in Washington, DC. His focus is on advising industry executives and their staff from California and elsewhere throughout the country on strategies to successfully navigate the challenging process of obtaining federal funds and expending those funds in compliance with an increasingly complex federal regulatory process. Rick brings a wealth of national transit and transportation experience to this task, having lived and worked in Washington, Chicago and Southern California during a career spanning more than 40 years. Over the past 13 years he served as the federal funding liaison for the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) and was also responsible for federal legislative advocacy at the OCTA, a multi-modal transportation agency serving the 3.5 million residents of Orange County, California. During that time, he laid the funding and regulatory groundwork for an emerging streetcar program at OCTA. He was also the prime daily advisor to OCTA on Federal Transit Administration (FTA) funding programs and operating regulations, and made OCTA’s case to FTA regarding regulatory compliance. While at OCTA, Rick formed the relationships necessary to understand how federal transit funding integrates with California’s transit funding programs. He represented OCTA with the California Transit Association, serving on their Executive Committee, their Legislative Committee and, most recently, as Chair of their newly formed Federal Legislative Subcommittee. Prior to coming to Southern California, Rick spent 20 years in Executive Management and Attorney positions in the Chicago metropolitan area. He was Executive Director of the Northeastern Illinois Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) for six years, preceded by eight years as the RTA’s General Counsel. During his tenure, the RTA was consistently recognized for the sound financial and budgetary management of its Chicago transit service board providers, passing balanced regional operating budgets and more than $1.5 billion in State-passed capital financing to replace century old rail system assets. He began the Chicago period of his transit career as Regional Counsel to the FTA’s Region V Office. FTA Region V at that time encompassed more than 80 grantees in six Midwestern States, giving Rick broad exposure to the legal compliance and policy challenges faced by transit systems of all sizes as they negotiate the FTA funding and triennial review process. Rick started his career as a transit litigation attorney at the Department of Transportation in Washington, DC, after obtaining his Juris Doctor degree from The George Washington University, and a B.A. in Political Science (cum laude) from Marquette University. He holds bar memberships in the District of Columbia Court of Appeals, Supreme Court of Illinois and the United States Supreme Court. Throughout his career, Rick has endeavored to maintain close and collaborative working ties with transportation industry associations. He has twice served on the Executive Committee of the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) as the Vice Chair of Government Affairs and as the Vice Chair for Management and Finance. He also served as Chair of the APTA Legal Affairs Committee, Chair of APTA’s Legislative Committee and on numerous APTA task forces dealing with topics such as buy America and procurement requirements. For six years Rick was also honored to be named Chair of the Legal Research Panel of the Transportation Research Board, charged with producing research on the legal aspects of transit and intermodal transportation programs. Rick resides in Orange County with his wife Carol. He enjoys bicycling and fondly remembers that he has pedaled on some of his best rides commuting from home to work in Washington, Chicago and Orange County. He has used public transit his whole life and takes pride in the fact that he has never lived, worked or been a student more than a few blocks from a public transportation stop.


Richard Bacigalupo's article in the Hill: What's needed to Improve U.S. infrastructure competitiveness

street construction

Cardinal Infrastructure Partner Richard Bacigalupo on financing infrastructure in the Hill newspaper: "...In 2015, the World Economic Forum ranked the economic competitiveness of United States infrastructure in 11th place worldwide. But a fix for this problem has been bogged down for more than a decade, partly in discussions of whether private financing, public funding or sweeping regulatory relief promises the best solution..."Read the full article here

Press Release introducing Richard Bacigalupo as the newest partner at Cardinal Infrastructure

"Cardinal Infrastructure, LLC, is pleased to announce the addition of its newest partner, Richard Bacigalupo. Rick will join founding partners Sherry E. (Little) Lloyd, Anja Graves, and Severn E. S. Miller in the firm, which last August began to provide transportation consulting services to public and private entities nationwide." ...Read the press release

Cardinal Infrastructure partner Sherry E. (Little) Lloyd with Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, who is hopeful for bipartisanship in transportation, infrastructure spending

"U.S. Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) visited Spotsylvania County's Virginia Railway Express (VRE) station and VRE Crossroads Rail Yard on December 14, 2016. "This was my baby," Spotsylvania's Lee Hill District Supervisor Gary Skinner told Kaine. "These VRE facilities give Spotsylvania County a future; they opened up the possibilities of economic development for us.""Source: Fredricksberg Today 12/15/2016

Politico Transportation on Cardinal Infrastructure

"Former FTA officials have created a firm called Cardinal Infrastructure to advise businesses, state DOTs and transit operators. The founders include Sherry E. (Little) Lloyd, former acting administrator of the FTA, and Sev Miller, former chief counsel at FTA, as well as Anja Graves, former president of the lobbying firm CHG & Associates. Cardinal Infrastructure’s clients also include private equity firms, equipment manufacturers and construction companies."Source: Politico Morning Transportation Tipsheet 12/7/2016

Politico Influence on Cardinal Infrastructure

"NEW TRANSPO GROUP: Former Federal Transit Administration Acting Administrator Sherry E. (Little) Lloyd, former FTA Chief Counsel Severn E. S. Miller and longtime transportation advocate Anja Graves started Cardinal Infrastructure, advising companies, state departments of transportation, transit operators and municipalities. Clients include large and small transportation agencies pursuing capital projects, state and local governments, private equity firms, original equipment manufacturers and companies in construction, maintenance and operations." Source: Politico Influence Tipsheet 12/6/2016

RailwayAge on Cardinal Infrastructure

"Three former transportation industry officials and government affairs professionals have joined forces to form Cardinal Infrastructure. The Washington, D.C.-based firm will “provide comprehensive strategic advisory services to private and public sector clients seeking to navigate the highly challenging and rapidly evolving business, regulatory, and legislative world.”... read more


Public Agencies

Large and Small Public Transit Agencies, Including Agencies Pursuing New Capital Projects State and Local Government Entities

Private Sector

Private Sector Clients, Including Companies Providing Transit Construction, Maintenance and Operations Services

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